Financial Statements, including waivers, are available on our Forms and Files page under the headings Stargate Financial Documents and Stargate Governance Board Book. They can also be accessed via the links on this page.

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HB17-1375 (concerning mill levy equalization for charter schools) requires that charter schools provide a list of their school's waivers from state statute, including both automatic and non-automatic waivers. In addition, for all non-automatic waivers from state statute, schools are required to provide a copy of the plan that explains the manner in which the charter school will meet the intent of the waived statute.

Stargate Waivers

A list of Stargate waivers is provided below.
  • HB17-1375, Rationale and Replacement Plan for Waivers from State Statute and Rule
The following waivers are addressed in a single PDF document: