In exchange for operational freedom and flexibility, Charter schools tend to be subject to higher levels of accountability, both academically and financially, than traditional public schools. Stargate strives for the highest levels of financial transparency and clarity.

Financial Transparency for Stargate and other Colorado Schools

Stargate regularly provides reports and statements to show how we receive funding and and how funding is allocated. Like all Colorado public schools and districts, Stargate is required to share specific types of financial information, including budgets and audit summaries. However, in the spirit of true transparency and partnership with our community, the Stargate Governance Board and leadership team also elect to provide stakeholders with far more financial information than is legally required. Reports and statements available include:
We also provide links to resources community members can use to learn more about school finances including:

Making Sense of Financial Data

True financial transparency means everyone has a clear understanding of the significance and use of data. As a charter school, Stargate relies on community members to play an active role in the school's governance, both as leaders and as involved members who ask questions and help hold each other accountable. We've tried to create a site that is accessible to a layperson, but if you have any questions related to finances at Stargate, please reach out. Contact information is available on this page and throughout the Financial Transparency section.

Lynne Allen
Stargate Executive Director of Operations and Finance

Stargate Finance Committee

Financial Oversight at Stargate

The Finance Committee of Stargate School’s Board of Directors has oversight regarding the School’s budgets and financial statements. The committee consists of parent volunteers with appropriate qualifications who work together with the Board and the School's Chief Financial Officer to continuously monitor the School's financial position and ensure the highest standards of financial stewardship, accountability, and transparency.

In addition, the School's annual financial statements and internal controls over financial reporting are audited by an independent auditor as required by Colorado Revised Statute 29-1-603. The independent auditor issues a report to the Stargate Board of Directors, containing their opinion as to whether the financial statements fairly present, in all material respects, the financial position of Stargate Charter School. The independent audit is conducted in accordance with auditing standards generally accepted in the United States.

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Stargate adheres to the rules set in the Public School Financial Transparency Act (Commencing July 1, 2018). For more information about Charter school finance in general, visit our Stargate Finance 101 page. For more information about Colorado's school finance act, public school funding, financial reporting, and state polices, visit Colorado Department of Education Office of School Finance