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Election Steps

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Nominations Open  Board  April 1, 2017 
Create Election Budget  Rick  April 8, 2017 
Obtain List of Open Positions from Board  Jan  April 8, 2017 
Update Election Committee Charter  Rick  April 8, 2017 
Review and Update Ballot Instructions  EC  April 9, 2017 
Obtain Voter Lists from Jane Becker  Brad  April 11, 2017 
Assign Unique ElectorIDs and Passwords to Voter List  Brad  April 12, 2017 
Have Charter and Budget approved by Board  Board (Jan)  April 12, 2017 
Merge Voter & U/P information with Ballot Instructions and Compile them for printing  Rick  April 13, 2017 
Nominations Close  Board  April 14, 2017 
Print Merged Ballot Instructions  EC  April 21, 2017 
Stuff Envelopes with Merged Ballot Instructions  EC  April 23, 2017 
Deliver Organized and Sorted Envelopes with Merged Ballot Instructions to School  EC  April 27, 2017 
Add candidate Information to Election Page  Lisa  April 29, 2017 
Create final CSV file of U/P for upload to online voting software simplyvoting.com Rick  April 29, 2017 
Create Online Ballot for Position(s) simplyvoting.com EC  April 29, 2017 
Enter Candidate Information to Online Voting Software simplyvoting.com EC  April 29, 2017 
Finish online ballot and configure to start and end per election timeline simplyvoting.com EC  April 30, 2017 
Distribute Envelopes with Merged and Compiled Ballot Instructions in Monday Folders  Paras  May 1, 2017 
Open Election Website for Voting Automatically Performed by SimplyVoting Software EC  May 1, 2017 
Close Election Website for Voting Completed automatically by SimplyVoting software EC  May 8, 2017 
Ratify and Announce Election Results  EC  May 8, 2017 
Showing 22 items