Election Policy and Procedures - Stargate has defined a set of Election Policies and Procedures. You can find a copy in the Forms and Files page.

General Election Information

The School Board of Directors and Accountability Committee are filled by elected positions. Elections are held twice per year to fill any open positions for these groups. Generally, the positions for the Board of Directors are filled in the spring, and the openings for Accountability are filled in the fall.

Each parent and staff member can vote in the elections but they are only allowed one vote per election (i.e. you cannot vote for each child that you have in Stargate).

The Recruiting Committee is responsible for announcing the election and assembling a list of candidates for the open position.  

The Election Committee coordinates the logistics of the election process such as creating the ballot, providing voters with instructions on how to vote, tracking results, and announcing the results.

Paperless Voting

Stargate conducts elections in electronic format. The school adopted Paperless Voting in Spring 2018. Ballots are sent to the email address on file in Infinite Campus, as per election policy. To find out more, check out our FAQ on Paperless Voting at this link.

Election Steps

Election steps followed by the Election Committee are found here

Next Election - Spring 2020:
Stargate School Board of Directors

The nomination period is currently closed. If you would like more information about running for an elected office at Stargate, email the Recruiting Committee at recruiting@stargateschool.org

Spring 2020 - Election Dates

  • March 30, noon - email updates, if needed, must be completed in Infinite Campus to be included in the Spring Board Election
  • Nomination Period: 8am, Friday, April 10 to 5pm Friday, April 24
  • Voting Period: midnight, Wednesday, May 6 to 4pm Friday, May 15
Watch this page for links to the Nomination Form, Candidate information and other Election Information.  

Helping with Elections

If you would like to participate in the election process, but not necessarily run for a position, please visit the Election Committee webpage to learn how you can participate. It is a small commitment of time 1-2 times per year. We are well organized and laugh (a lot). Join us! Check out our page for contact information.

Lisa Griffin,
May 13, 2019, 5:03 PM