ARCHIVE - 2018 School Accountability Committee - Candidate Biographies

The 6 candidates profiled on this page are running for 3 open parent seats on the Stargate School Accountability Committee. All of these seats will be for a two-year term.

All information was provided by the candidates running for election.

Among its key responsibilities, the Stargate School Accountability Committee is responsible for providing input to the Board of Directors to assist in establishing (and evaluating progress toward meeting) school goals and improvement plans, including the school's Unified Improvement Plan (UIP). As part of a continuous cycle of planning, evaluating, measuring and reporting, Committee members also conduct the school's annual surveys of the stakeholder community and work to analyze data collected, glean insights and develop recommendations for further supporting the school's progress toward fulfilling its mission,vision and strategic plans. For more information about the work this group does, visit the School Accountability Committee page.

Eligible Stargate stakeholders may cast ballots between Sept. 17 (midnight) and Sept 24 (4pm MT). This election will be conducted in an electronic format only (no paper ballots). Ballots will be sent to the email address on file in Infinite Campus that stakeholders provided, as per election policy. If you have any questions about the election process or about the voting instructions provided to eligible voters, contact

NOTE - there are 6 candidates running for election. If you cannot view information for all 6 candidates, please open your browser in a desktop environment to view all of the candidate information.

 Candidate Biography
Becca Borden_SAC Candidate

Becca Borden
I am interested in serving on the Stargate Accountability Committee because it would give me an opportunity to contribute on a broad scale, using my 28 years of professional experience.

I have held a variety of professional positions, primarily in organization development and strategy, leveraging my graduate degrees in Industrial/Organizational psychology. This work involves many of the responsibilities of the SAC, including development of improvement plans, goal development and alignment to strategy, survey development and analysis, presentation of recommendations, defining and monitoring measures of success.

From a personal perspective, I have been a Stargate parent since 2009. During my children’s elementary school years, I volunteered on as needed basis. My oldest had just entered middle school when plans for the high school were approved and I followed Stargate High School’s progress closely. In 2015, my family had the opportunity to move to New Zealand for three years. During that time, we navigated three levels of the education system, gaining an outside perspective on education and a renewed appreciation for Stargate. My son is currently a sophomore and my daughter is in 8th grade.
Jessica Greco

Jessica Greco

I’m Jessica Greco, I have three children at Stargate; a 7th grade daughter, a 4th grade daughter, and a 1st grade son. We’ve been a proud Stargate family since our oldest started kindergarten in 2011. My hobbies include traveling, gardening, cooking and baking, and walking. I’m also a senior scientist technologist for Ball MetalPack, conducting failure analysis. I analyze products to find the root causes of failures. This gives me a skill-set that would be helpful in serving on the School Accountability Committee. I look beyond the surface of things to discover root causes and provide corrective actions when needed. The School Accountability Committee analyzes performance and measures progress toward established goals and it would be helpful to have a person who can objectively apply reasoning beyond topical surfaces and work towards addressing root causes. I want to serve on the School Accountability Committee because I enjoy analyzing statistics and processes, but also I want to be more involved in my children’s school. Our children’s education should be analyzed appropriately with objective goals.
 Lisa Hosfelt_SAC candidate

Lisa Hosfelt

I have served on the School Accountability Committee for the past four years, acting as co-chair for the last year, and as secretary for two years previous. During the last year, I have led our committee in making many changes and improvements. We have resumed KPI reporting with an updated format and procedure; initiated a training process for all members that includes a monthly review of key documents and state guidelines; drafted a detailed outline and timeline of processes to allow smoother transitions for new members; employed a more useful system of delegation; begun a more circular process of recommendations follow-up; and implemented new methods that allow more useful analysis of survey results. I graduated from Brigham Young University and worked in the finance industry for several years prior to staying home with my kids full time. I have three children at Stargate - in 7th, 5th and kindergarten - and one future Eagle in preschool.
Adrian Miller_SAC Candidate

Adrian Miller

This is my 12th school year as a Stargate parent, as my eldest began Kindergarten in the Fall of 2007. Over the years, I have weathered changes in Heads of School, Teachers, Support Staff, math curricula, switching the Junior High 7-8 to a Middle School 6-8, the expansion from K-8 to include a High School, and the move to our new campus. I feel that with the events of the past year, as a community we have “taken our eye off the ball” with regard to our mission to meet the needs of our identified intellectually-gifted learners. Our mission depends on collaboration between Staff and Parents to meet the needs of our gifted students every day. This, after all, is the reason why we came here. Our challenge is to keep this focus on a differentiated curriculum for gifted learners despite the challenges that we have faced.

The main task of the Accountability Committee is to LISTEN to the feedback of Parents and Staff through the Annual Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey. As a private music educator, I served for over 5 years at the national level to review parent responses from thousands of online parent surveys on music classes.
Kristin Seger_SAC Candidate

Kristin Seger

I am a working mom and parent of 2 Stargate students. I enjoy time with family, am an avid mountain biker, enjoy riding my dirt bike and fly fishing and am the Stargate HS mountain bike team founder and head coach. Since I was in middle school, I have had a passion for the game of basketball. This passion allowed me the opportunity to play at the collegiate level and continue my love for the game as an adult through coaching. Over the years I have coached youth basketball from the fun recreational level to the highly competitive 5A high school level. I served as a coach at Fairview High School for 7 years. When I am not playing, I work as a Physician Assistant. Here, I have developed a strong background in working with people, problem solving and trouble shooting. My interest in serving our school through the Accountability Committee lies in my strong desire to help Stargate continue it's success in serving gifted students. I believe that a strong sense of leadership is needed in this position and that I posses these traits which have been developed through my many years of coaching and practicing medicine. I also bring a competitive edge to the table which will help ensure there is no complacency among the team.
Ellen Valentine_SAC Candidate

Ellen Valentine

I currently work at the CU School of Medicine Cancer Center as a coordinator for the Cancer Prevention and Control program. Previously I worked for the medical school as a curriculum coordinator for 8 years, so I am familiar with curriculum and how it functions and how it is evaluated. I also have a masters from the Iliff School of Theology and I am familiar with how non-profits function and the need for monitoring and review. I am extremely organized and I have experience with setting up systems to regularly monitor and evaluate different aspects of curriculum. I excel at looking for details as well as taking a bigger picture look at something to see how it functions overall. I can articulate observations and message pertinent facts to different audiences. I have an interest in human communication and I have studied crucial conversations because communication of ideas regarding curriculum changes is just as important if not more important than the actual monitoring itself. I am a behind the scenes kind of person and I feel that my skills in evaluation, monitoring, and big picture thinking would be most helpful in working on the SAC.

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