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Elections - Paperless Voting New for 2018

posted Apr 16, 2018, 9:43 AM by Lisa Griffin   [ updated Apr 16, 2018, 9:47 AM ]

We are making some changes to the Stargate election process. A Paperless Voting FAQ is available on the Elections page. We also provided the information below via weekly Hischke Happenings/Cable Connections communications to parents.


Twice a year, you have an opportunity to vote on important school stuff (including electing members to the School Board and the School Accountability Committee). It is important because you vote and decide who serves on the elected boards and committees of Stargate School.

What's Changing?

To improve voter turnout and reduce our overall election expenses we are going to be moving to paperless email voting, and YOU ARE A BIG PART OF IT.

For the Spring 2018 Stargate Election, we are going to introduce paperless email voting as well as the same paper-based voting that we have offered for the past few years. Why BOTH methods of voting and not just one? As any student of Stargate will tell you, change can take a few tries. As such, our goal is to adopt a completely paperless election in the Fall 2018, but for the election of Spring 2018, we want to offer both options (email or paper) so we can work out any problems with paperless voting before diving all the way.

How Will It Work?

For the Spring 2018 election, you will still receive a colorful ballot instruction via your Monday folders (ES) or by mail (MS-HS) just like you have in the past. For some of you, these are the paper ballots that your dog ate, or you child did not tell you about until you called the election committee and then found it… but I digress.

Stakeholders who have a “qualified email address” that is registered with Infinite Campus will ALSO receive an email which will also enable them to vote. If you get both options to vote (paper and email), you can vote either way, but once you vote by either method, you cannot vote a second time and your ballot or email that you did not use becomes invalid once your vote is cast. Note that we our offering both options only for the Spring 2018 election.

Infinite Campus Link:

What is this “qualified email address”?

A “qualified” email address has three characteristics (and all must be satisfied to vote by email):
  1. Your email address must be current. A current email address is one that you check regularly (i.e. daily). It can be a work or personal email address, but it must be one that you know works and you are actively able to use. Your email address must be valid.

  2. valid email address is one that has been entered correctly. Examples of valid email addresses are:,, Examples of invalid addresses are: bobsemailnodomain, baddomain@gmai.cnmm, and

  3. It must be unique. A unique email address is on that is NOT SHARED (because we can only send one ballot per email address).

Audience participation time: Do you know who is responsible for ensuring they have a current, valid, and unique email address registered in Infinite Campus (where we get the list of stakeholders and their email addresses) 30 days prior to the election?? YOU ARE!

Call to Action - What Do You Need to Do Next?

In preparation for the spring election we need to YOU to register and reconfirm that you have a VALID EMAIL address in Infinite Campus. We will collect the email addresses from Infinite Campus 30 days prior to the spring election. Even if you believe your email is correct, please double-check. Your vote depends on it!

Need More Information?

For more information about 
paper-less voting, please go to our Election Page at