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Board Meeting Agenda 5/6

posted May 6, 2013, 8:57 AM by Calley Herzog   [ updated May 6, 2013, 4:15 PM by Lisa Griffin ]


Business Session Agenda

Meeting to be held at Stargate School Library

May 8, 2013

6:00 PM

I.                    Open Session – 6:00 PM

II.                  Call to Order

III.               Reading of Stargate Mission

IV.               Review/Accept Agenda

V.                  Approval of Minutes

a.       Motion to approve Minutes from the Governance Board Business Meeting held April 10, 2013 as the State of the School.

b.      Motion to approve Minutes from the Governance Board Special Business Meeting held April 24, 2013.

c.       Motion to approve Minutes from the Governance Board Special Business Meeting held May 1, 2013.

VI.               Open Microphone - no more than 2 minutes per person (20 minutes maximum)

VII.             School Operations Update

a.        Principal update

VIII.          Board Operations Update

a.        Accountability Committee

b.       Community Relations Committee

c.        Election & Recruiting Committees

                                                               i.      Update on status of election

                                                              ii.      Opportunity for Candidates to speak & answer questions

d.       Finance Committee

                                                               i.      Quarterly Financial Update

                                                            ii.      Motion to increase the per pupil revenue amount in the adopted 2013-2014 Stargate budget from $6457.25 per student to $6505.47 per student per updates from the Public School Finance Act approved in 2013.

e.        Fundraising Committee

                                                               i.      Discussion of mobile building proposal

f.        Grant Committee

g.       Legislative Committee

h.       Website Committee

IX.               Board Training

a.        Director Training Log Update

X.                 CSSI Assessment

a.        Discuss/set date for CSSI review & preparation

b.      Motion to retain Charter School Solutions to conduct CSSI review of Governance and Financial Standards as required by the District Charter Agreement. 

XI.               Board Planning

a.        Principal Survey – discuss/review/approve staff survey of Principal’s goals

b.       Discussion of Board liaison responsibilities

c.        Board Action Calendar review

XII.            KPI Metrics – Review Status of Proposed Measurements

a.        Set action plans for monthly updates

XIII.          Future Planning

a.        Review upcoming action items and future meeting topics

XIV.          Adjourn