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Star News: News from the Board 5/18/15

posted Jun 10, 2015, 11:00 AM by Calley Herzog   [ updated Jun 10, 2015, 11:00 AM by Lisa Griffin ]

News from the Board:

"In case you missed it": The Board last met on May 11th where they held a town hall for questions & answers related to the proposed Bylaws changes. You can find the details on the proposed changes on the forms and files governance webpage or by clicking on one of these links: Bylaws Information Sheet and FAQ, Bylaws Revisions (clean), Bylaws Revisions (red lined). In addition, they held their monthly business meeting where they reviewed the status of the 9th grade, discussed adding a high school leg of the Community Relations Committee, discussed opportunities for engagement of new families, entered the results of the Spring election into the minutes, identified 2 potential Independent Board Candidates and invited them to the next meeting for a formal interview, decided to hold a strategic planning session at the next Board meeting, and held the Principal’s end of year performance review.


In preparation for the 2015-16 school year, the Board will be working over the summer on the Strategic Plan, continuing planning with the administration on the expansion and developing a plan for aligning board actions with committee activities. 

Upcoming Board Meetings/Events:

June 17th: Business Meeting at 5:30 PM at Stargate

July 22nd: Business Meeting at 6:30 PM at Stargate

**Please look to the governance website for meeting times and dates, agendas, and minutes. As always Board meetings are open to the public, so feel free to come and see the Board in action.


Stargate Governance 101:
What are the duties of the Board? The primary responsibilities of the Governance Board of Directors are to:  determine the character of the school and uphold the School's mission; create a strategic vision and plan; establish overall policy; assure financial stability; institute and promote fundraising; and ensure that the school has appropriate resources to effectively implement the strategic plan and execute the day-to-day school operations.

Do you have a question for the Board? Send an email to

Stargate Bylaws Revisions - Voting Opens May 11, 2015

Voting on the proposed Bylaws changes is now open and will continue through the summer until August 17. You can find the relevant documents on the forms and files governance webpage or by clicking below:


Bylaws Information Sheet and FAQ

Bylaws Revisions (clean)

Bylaws Revisions (red lined)


If you have questions or concerns there are several productive ways to communicate with the Board:

· Send an email to

· Send an email to any individual Board Member:   

If you did not receive a ballot or have lost your ballot, email with your contact information. A member of the Election Committee will contact you to confirm your identity and provide you with a copy of your unique voting credentials.

Governance Board Elections:
The results of the Governance Board elections have been posted to the election website. Jan Kulmann and Tina Donahue were elected by the community to serve 3 year terms on the Board of Directors. They will be sworn in at the July Board meeting. Thank you to everyone who participated in the election.


Board Thank You

Another incredible year has come to a close.  A big thank you to all of our committee leads, members, parent volunteers and our amazing administration, teachers, staff and most of all, our students. Our committees went above and beyond once again this year. The Accountability Committee continued to monitor the pulse of the school, the Community Relations Committee set new standards for bringing everyone together through their multiple activities at the school, the Finance Committee made sure we stayed on track for our financial bond to build the new Stargate campus, the Fundraising Committee set a new record by working to raise $200,000 for our school, the Grant Committee came together to find new ways to find unique funding for the school, the Website Committee not only continued to keep us informed with website updates but also stepped up to become the Election Committee that maintains our confidence in elections, and the Stargate Foundation spearheaded the effort to finalize plans for the new campus so that we could all celebrate our expansion together. These committees support the work of the school and help the Board meet its goals while we all work to support our kids.