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Board of Directors Update

posted Apr 24, 2019, 6:52 AM by Jane Baker

Dear Stargate Community,

The Board had its regular business meeting on Thursday, April 18, 2019.  There were two important issues covered during the meeting: filling the Executive Director of Academics position and Stargate’s Charter Renewal.  

After providing 14 days notice to the community and receiving no opposition from the community, on April 18, 2019 the Board voted unanimously to extend an offer to Michael Henderson to be the new Executive Director of Academics.  The decision culminates six months of work by the Board to not only ensure we have the best Governance structure for the school, but also to take the opportunity to include the community in the process through the screening committee, town hall, and survey of impressions of the final three candidates.  While Mr. Henderson’s official start date will be July 1, 2019, he will be spending several days at Stargate over the next two months to begin getting to know our community. Please join us on May 13, 2019 at 6:30 pm in the Secondary Commons for a reception for Mr. Henderson to welcome him to Stargate.

The Board is also pleased to announce that after nine months of intense work by the Board, the Administration and the staff, we are entering the final stages of negotiating the Stargate Charter Agreement with the Adams 12 School District.  As previously reported, the Stargate Board voted to file an appeal of the Adams 12 conditional renewal of our charter. Because the District agreed in its filing with the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) to negotiate each of the 17 terms set forth in their renewal resolution, the CDE dismissed the appeal on April 10, 2019, so that Stargate and Adams 12 could enter into negotiations for the school’s Charter renewal.  We will continue to keep you informed throughout this process.


Teresa Thomson Walsh

Stargate Board Vice President