Fundraising Allocation - 12.13.17 Meeting Minutes

posted Apr 16, 2018, 10:18 AM by Lisa Griffin   [ updated Apr 16, 2018, 10:18 AM ]
Meeting minutes are provided below, as well as in the PDF attached at the bottom of this post.

December 13, 2017
5:30 pm

Attendees: Amanda Szymanski (Committee Chair), Missy Hischke (Primary Principal), Lynne Allen (CFO), Denise Vitt (Fundraising Committee Chair), Taylor Johnson (Board liaison to FAC), Elizabeth Williams (Board Finance Committee liaison), Sean Smith (HS Student Government President). Rob Cable (Secondary Principal).

1. Meeting Called to Order by Amanda at 535pm
Mission Read by Missy
2. Approve Minutes from October 10th meeting
Motion made by Missy
Rob 2nd
All approved
3. Review updated application and rubric
-Rob will change the weight of cost of fundraising request
-change score of “how have you helped in fundraising efforts”
4. Any new topics to discuss
$35K allocated from the Board (do email blast to inform community of needing money and how used)
-- Only have $13K raised from annual campaign, behind by 50% as compared to last year (under 30 families have donated out of over 900 families)
Assign templates for approval/denial emails to be sent to applicants
-If denied, give next steps on how to raise additional funds, go back to Fundraising Committee
-need 4 letters (full funding, partial,denial, covered by operational and approved)
-wrote all letter templates tonight
Determine if an acknowledgement email can be automatically sent to applicants
-no way to do it through google forms
-automated to send their own application back to them
Determine a plan to track disbursements and purchases
-Lynne will send a monthly disbursements update
Missy and Rob will review applications prior to our meeting to sift through Operational needs so we do not need to review those at FAC meetings
5. Review and Discuss all FAC Applications
-Approved Requests:
-Liz Friedenson- after prom request $2500 (combined total from 1st request of $5,500) the Board of Directors will need to make final recommendation since over $5000
-Rob makes motion (Amanda will take to Board as part of report)
-Missy seconds
- All approve (Sean abstains since it directly relates to him)
-Yvette Claeys-$750 cooking and cultural equipment and book racks
Rob makes motion
Amanda seconds
All approve (Sean abstains since directly relates him)
-Emilie Johnson-$1750 hurdles for the Track and Field Team
-Rob motion
-Amanda second
-all approve
-Oscar Proffitt-$2500 for HP ZVR equipment contingent upon raising the remainder of the funds
-Rob motion
-Amanda second
-Rob, Missy, Amanda approve, Denise denied
-Josh Cochran-$850 anti bullying campaign
-Rob motion
-Missy second
-all approve
-Dena Kemp-$300 for Stargate Career night thank you gifts
-Rob motion
-Amanda second
-all approve
-Kristen Mansure-$4600 for 4 octagon raised garden beds
-Rob motion
-Missy approve
-Amanda denied
-Kristen Roberts $300 for memory project and $1200 for 2 pottery wheels
-Rob approve
-Amanda second
-all approve
-Total Money granted : $14,750
-Pushed back to Operational or Head of School Budget
-Rita Stephenson $4000 for computers
-Jessica Painz $300 for calculators
-Donna McLeod-$320 for rotary cutters
-Sarah Bowman-$421.23 for iPad and headphones
-Jennifer Hanna-$388.20 for Dragon software
-Mindi Ramsey $4,000 for 8 spare computers for substitute teachers
6. Next Application Due date is March 23, 2018
7. Next FAC Meeting is April 10th, 2018 at 630pm
8. Meeting Adjourned at 8:10pm by Amanda
Lisa Griffin,
Apr 16, 2018, 10:18 AM