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  • The Election Committee is an ad-hoc committee. 
  • The Election Committee Chair is appointed by the School Board for each election (usually twice per year). 
  • The Election Committee coordinates the election process given a slate of open positions, a slate of candidates, a list of voters, and specific dates. 
  • The Recruiting Committee provides the Election Committee with the slate of candidates and the positions they are looking to fill. Please see the Elections page to learn more about open positions and how to apply. 
  • The Election Committee coordinates the distribution of ballot instructions, online voting tools, results processing, and announcement of results when results have been tallied.  

Committee Charter

The Elections Committee charter is posted on the Forms and Files page, or click here to open the document.

Committee Contact Information

If you want to contact the committee or volunteer to help in elections, please send an email to:

Time Commitment

What sort time commitment is required to be on the EC?  Not much. We are active twice a year, once for each election.  We meet as needed in the 30 day period before the election opens and the day the election closes to  review and publish the results. Lots of fun, and not much time (about 8-10 hrs every 6 months).  Join us!

Next Election

Please visit the Election Page for details!

Election Policy and Procedures

The Stargate School Board has defined a set of Election Policies and Procedures.  You can find a copy of these Policies and Procedures in the Forms and Files page.

Related Documents

All election-related documents are located on Forms and Files page.