Stargate Performing Arts and Adroit Center ≈ $5.5mm

posted Apr 28, 2017, 3:29 PM by Paul Darrah   [ updated May 3, 2017, 1:34 PM ]

Two of the most popular options brought up by the community were to build a dedicated Performing Arts center and dedicated Adroit space with Maker-Space type features. The working group decided to recommend this project to the GBOD given the following considerations.

The current performing arts spaces must fulfill a variety of uses in addition to hosting performance events. These requirements necessitated design compromises that negatively impact the ability to host top quality events due to the limited stage and backstage facilities, acoustic performance of the space, and seating accommodations.

As the creativity of our students increases, we are finding the current Adroit spaces to be short of space to accommodate the necessary technologies, equipment, and study space. The scale and nature of some of the current and foreseeable projects are just incompatible with the current spaces. One of the incompatible impacts of the Adroit activities is the effect the noise and activity have on the ability for adjacent uses to enjoy quiet focused study opportunities.

By adding new space for both the Performing Arts needs and the Adroit classes to the existing Field House, Stargate would be able to take advantage of numerous efficiencies such as making use of already installed utilities, restrooms, and structure. Moving the Adroit workshops out of the existing academic buildings would also free up room for improved library/quiet spaces.

The performing arts center is to be finished in higher quality materials than the current auditorium spaces for a better guest experience and better acoustics, but still feature retractable seating to maximize the utility of the space. The new space would feature a fully functional stage, lighting, and audio system infrastructure that would allow Stargate groups to present top quality events while learning applicable skills in the technical, behind-the-scenes aspects of theatre. Finally, the space would include a scene building workshop area, a dock height loading area, dressing rooms, and backstage restrooms. Another opportunity this new space would present is the ability to rent the space to outside groups when not needed by Stargate programs which would generate marginal revenue to support operations.

The new Adroit space would feature a large workshop with space and electrical service to support the safe installation of larger machine and technology tools to support the program and Passion Projects. The addition would also provide three new classrooms that would provide space for general instruction, and dedicated space for programs which might include home economics or other similar activities.