Additional Parking for 300 Cars ≈ $450k

posted Apr 28, 2017, 3:23 PM by Paul Darrah   [ updated May 3, 2017, 1:42 PM ]

The most commonly expressed desire for use of funds was to increase parking and or improve The Loop at Stargate. This option was discussed extensively by the working group. Several options were proposed and developed with options that included widening current spaces once capacity was increased and creating access to the campus from the south at 144th Ave.

The working group ultimately decided to leave this project off the list of recommendations for immediate use of the Bond Allocation for several reasons. Key among these reasons is the pending development of the NE corner of 144th Ave. and Washington St. The commercial parcel adjacent to the Stargate campus is currently under contract for sale and development is expected to take place in the immediate future. With the development of this parcel opportunities exist to coordinate design with the incoming project.

The incoming developer will be financially responsible for improvements along 144th Ave. to create access, will need to install parking, and will be required to create runoff mitigation features. As these measures are being planned, Stargate has an opportunity to coordinate improvements to our own parking and access and possibly enjoy some cost saving/sharing benefits.

Additionally, the timeline of the adjacent development is still not guaranteed, raising the possibility that waiting on this project might push the schedule past the limitations for utilization of the Bond Allocation. Finally, the cost magnitude of this project is felt to be within reasonable limits for funding from Fundraising initiatives, which reinforces our option to initiate this project at a more advantageous time.