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Bond Advisory Committee

The Bond Advisory Committee was formed to allocate and help provide oversight for the capital construction funds received from Adams 12 School District during their November 2016 Bond Issue. The Committee will work with Stargate's Executive Director, its Chief Financial Officer, its Finance Committee, and its Operations Manager to develop a plan for the funds, execute the plan and oversee the implementation of construction. Committee members are appointed by the Stargate Board of Directors.

Information about the individual Campus Improvement Projects enabled by Stargate's allocation of the Adams 12 Bond proceeds can be found at the Improvement Projects page.

Meeting Times & Contact Information

To contact this committee, email, Meeting notices will be posted on the Governance Calendar.

Related Documents & More Information

Committee Charter - approved 3.15.17 by the Starage Board of Directors. 

Project Selection - Information about how projects were selected for use of the bond proceeds.

Project Selection Rationale

  • The Stargate Community proposed many interesting and thoughtful projects during the outreach meetings and via the online surveys. Of the many proposed uses for the funds allocated to Stargate from the Adams 12 Bond about 17 were identified as top contenders either by popularity, the number of times mentioned, by perceived exigency of need, and by feasibility and long term value. It should also be noted that some of the proposed projects that were not recommended in the initial presentation to the GBOD could be authorized later if risk reserves for the selected projects can be released unused.

  • Classroom Storage, Cabinets & Shelving For All Classrooms ≈ $150k During the initial construction of the new Stargate campus, classroom storage, cabinets and shelving, became an owner-supplied alternate because of their high installation cost. Our Operations Manager and his team installed many of the cabinets and shelves that are currently in the buildings at a significantly reduced cost to the school. More storage would help teachers with their classroom organization, and was highly requested by teachers and staff. The working group recommended this project to the GBOD.
    Posted May 3, 2017, 1:49 PM by Paul Darrah
  • Painted Direction Arrows on Current Lots/Drives ≈ $2k The addition of more signage and driver assistance markings was suggested as a measure that may help increase the ease of use and compliance with current traffic flow rules. The working group decided to leave this project off the list of recommendations for immediate use of the allocated bond funds for the following reasons.The current traffic flow is very likely to be modified when development commences on the commercial parcel at the SW corner of the property in the near future. At that time we expect to modify our access and parking arrangement, which would likely require revisions to the signage and markings again. (See the post regarding Additional Parking for more information.) The cost of this project is ...
    Posted May 3, 2017, 11:17 AM by Paul Darrah
  • Sound System for Field House ≈ $10k The Field House currently relies on our existing portable PA equipment. Administration and staff proposed the purchase and installation of a  permanently installed system. The working group recommended this project to the GBOD for the following reasons.Use of the portable PA equipment requires additional setup and takedown time which reduces its utility. Having a dedicated system will save wear and tear on our portable equipment which is used throughout the campus at many different events. The permanently installed system will add lasting utility to the Field House for Stargate events. It will also increase the value of the Field House for rental to outside groups, when Stargate activities do not need the facility.
    Posted May 3, 2017, 11:05 AM by Paul Darrah
  • Exterior Security Cameras ≈ $30k The Community expressed a desire to have exterior security cameras around the campus to augment the current indoor systems. The working group discussed the issue and recommended this project to the GBOD.The group deemed that having exterior cameras will provide several benefits to deter vandalism and increase community safety. The new equipment can be effectively managed by the existing security infrastructure and hardware.
    Posted May 3, 2017, 1:44 PM by Paul Darrah
  • Outdoor Classrooms Outdoor learning spaces are a big priority among students and staff. At the time of deliberations, the working group was aware that the Grant Committee was working diligently on a proposal that would provide some outdoor instructional space. In the interest of allowing the Grant Committee full discretion on this initiative, and in the interest of ensuring other priorities are addressed, the working group decided to leave this item off the list of recommendations at this time. The working group noted that if risk reserves from other approved projects can be released as the projects are completed, funds may become available to consider options in this area in the near future.
    Posted May 3, 2017, 11:11 AM by Paul Darrah
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