Board Committees

Stargate committees are chartered by the Board of Directors in accordance with the school’s by-laws and charter. As part of the Stargate Governance structure, each committee operates within the context of the purpose and goals outlined in the committee's approved charter document. Committees take directive from the Board of Directors. 

For more information about committees, including how to contact a committee, how to join a committee or a copy of the committee charter, click on the committee pages in the left hand navigation of this site. If you cannot find the answers you are searching for, please contact and they will be more than happy to help.

Tools for Use by Committees

Committee Report Template - template for monthly board reports
Calendar for Board Reports - provides the calendar for focused discussions for each committee. (written report plus discussion)
Charter Template

Committees Charters 

Click on the links below or in the left hand navigation to go to the committee's website where you can access the charter and find more information about the committee.