Active Participation

Each Charter school cultivates a culture that is uniquely its own. At Stargate, we’ve created a dynamic learning environment where core curriculum is just the beginning. It's also an environment where community members are expected to play a larger role than they might at a traditional public school.

Working Together for the School We Want

A great school doesn't just happen. That's especially true at a Charter school where there are fewer school and district-level resources available. At Stargate, it takes community involvement to make things work. Student athletics. School clubs. Arts programs. Science labs. A great playground. An expansive library. Technology in the classroom. Harry Potter nights. Chili cookoffs. Dodgeball tournaments. Fun, school-wide events. Without community support, they can't happen at the level they do today, or at the levels we aspire to as the school grows. 

At Stargate, our community members are expected to play a hands-on role that includes: 
  • Volunteering
  • Providing financial support
  • Voting in elections
  • Reading weekly updates from the school's leadership team
  • Responding to teacher requests for support
  • Keeping up to date on Board issues/decisions/activities

Delivering A Rich Student Experience

Being part of Charter school community means more responsibility for community members. It also means additional freedom to chart our own course. At a time when many schools are cutting back, the Stargate community remains committed to giving our students meaningful opportunities to explore, discover and grow – both inside and outside the classroom. 

For more information about how to get involved, watch for emails and other communications from the school  or email the Community Relations Committee.

How Can I Participate?

Stargate community members play an active role in supporting our school. Some of the ways they get involved are:

* On-Going School Events: volunteer 

* Annual Campaign: donate

* Fall and Spring Elections: vote

* Gala: attend

* Board Meetings: stay informed

* Board Committees: volunteer

For more opportunities, email the Community Relations Committee.

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